Jamyang Foundation:
Changing Perceptions of Women's Potential

Photo by Olivier Adam

About Us

Jamyang Foundation supports education projects for girls and women in developing countries, in harmony with their unique Buddhist cultural heritage. By offering new learning opportunities, the projects are transforming lives and opening up new possibilities.

Our Programs

Equal educational opportunities are a global ideal, but in many parts of the world women still lack basic literacy. To address these disparities, Jamyang Foundation supports innovative education projects for indigenous girls and women in some of the neediest and most remote parts of the world.

How You Can Help

There many ways to get involved with the Jamyang Foundation. From making a simple donation, to volunteering on-site at our various programs, anyone can contribute!

What's New?

Skyagam Monastery

In the remote Himalayan region of Zangskar, Buddhist culture has thrived for over a thousand years. Since 1989, Jamyang Foundation has supported education projects for Buddhist nuns in the region, helping to heal the gender imbalance that is at the root of many social injustices. Read More

Sanghamitra Institute

Sanghamitra Institute is dedicated to improving life for women and children, especially those from economically, educationally, and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. This year, after many struggles, Sanghamitra Institute opened its doors. Read More

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