Sanghamitra Institute

Sanghamitra Institute is dedicated to improving life for women and children, especially those from economically, educationally, and socially disadvantaged backgrounds. This year, after many struggles, Sanghamitra Institute opened its doors. After 2600 years, women will finally have a place of their own in Bodhgaya! Sanghamitra Institute began with education programs for 40 Buddhist nuns from the Himalayan regions of Kinnaur and Spiti. During the spring, after the Kalachakra Empowerment with His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the nuns moved into tents on the property and began earnestly studying Buddhist philosophy. During the summer, despite the heat, graduate student volunteers Mara Canizzaro from California and Sonam Ongmu from Sikkim organized primary school classes for 120 local village children. The joy in the children's eyes made it all worthwhile!