Programs Overview

Twelve Jamyang Foundation programs are located in the snowy Himalayan mountain areas of Kinnaur, Spiti, and Zangskar. Due to heavy snowfalls, women’s lives are full of difficulties. Communications and transportation are impossible much of the year. Economic hardships lead many men to seek jobs in the cities, leaving women to shoulder the heavy responsibilities of family and fields. During the intensely cold winter months, women turn to handicrafts and Buddhist practice—meditation, teachings, and prayer. Spiritual practice is the center of their lives and the key to happiness for their families. Click here to read about our Himalayan programs.

To help improve women’s lives and create greater opportunities for future generations, students study languages (Tibetan, English, Hindi, etc.), Buddhist philosophy, meditation, math, health, hygiene, and other subjects. After completing their studies, they will be able to serve as teachers, health care workers, community workers, and mentors to others. Many hope to create similar study programs for others, both in their homelands and other needy areas. The students are especially dedicated to relieving suffering and to preserving and revitalizing their unique cultural heritage.

These study programs are rapidly changing perceptions of women throughout the Himalayas. The study programs are also helping preserve and revive Buddhist culture in areas where it is declining dangerously due to secularism, cultural encroachment, and economic hardship. Students from diverse nationalities and ethnic backgrounds develop a strong sense of community and purpose. Many more young women have applied for admission, but must wait until more facilities can be built.

A deserving student can receive a full scholarship for just $20 per month! In addition to sponsoring scholarships, there is a great need for more housing and classrooms. Healthcare education is also desperately needed. Your kind contribution can provide a year’s training in primary health care. This practical training will help relieve the suffering of entire communities. Find out more about donating to Jamyang Foundation here!