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Just $240 a year can educate and put women in leadership roles in a desperately poor and culturally endangered region of the Himalayas. Please lend your support!

  • Demonstrate solidarity with sisters faced by poverty and illiteracy.
  • Provide health care, education, and cultural enrichment for hundreds of women in remote Himalayan villages.
  • Help a young woman fulfill her spiritual and intellectual potential.
  • Further intercultural understanding.
  • Make someone very happy!

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Thank you for helping these young nuns!

Kinaur student nuns.

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(available in VHS and DVD format from

The Cup directed by Khyentse Norbu

Himalaya (Caravan), directed by Eric Valli

Kundun, directed by Martin Scorsese

The Saltmen of Tibet, directed by Ulrike Koch

Windhorse, directed by Paul Wagner